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Manage expenses in real time.

Community Center for Churches is the only church management software tool that allows you to easily track, reimburse, and report your expenses using simple, user-friendly forms and templates. If your church uses QuickBooks, Expenses is set up for one-click export of your data for check-writing.


Let ministry leaders in on the action. Ministry and events leaders can view their budgets and track expenses for reimbursement, allowing more members to be involved in church activities and saving time for your administrative staff. And the Budgets landing page displays a listing of all of your budgets and available funds.

Expense Forms

Reimbursing your out-of-pocket and ministry expenses is simple and easy! Using CCC's integrated expense reimbursement forms ensures that all your leaders have the most up-to-date information about their budgets and available funds. And with CCC's Notifications, you can choose to be alerted when an action occurs within one of your budgets.

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